The Strange are Sam Hartley, Elias Hartley, Matt Seel and Tyler Hanley.

Formed in 2010, when Sam was 16, having been soaked in a vast record collection since birth, they picked up Artic Monkeys, the Strokes, Maccabees and ilk, to form their own blistering spiky sound, capped with Sam’s acerbic observational lyrics: I’ve seen it in every face that I meet, If love is the drug, you should see my back street.

They recorded their single Flies in the back room below their childhood bedroom, then in 2011, before Tyler left for uni in London, they laid down 15 guitar, bass and drums backing tracks in the same room, for an album. Matt left for London a year later and it never got finished. After listening to the tapes again in their lock-down bubble, they’ve finished it and it just needs to be mixed and mastered before its release in summer 2021.

Their single is available here and their 8 track CD album Sleep, recorded by Matt Heap at Suff Studios is available here.

They’re playing at The New Continental in Preston on August 20th – 22nd.


Flies/No Fun 7" single
The Strange - Sleep CD album